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Varian Build Guide HOTS
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  • Very flexible playstyle
  • Strong talent choices across the board
  • Can take on the role of both a Warrior and Assassin, which makes him hard to read in drafts
  • Outstanding Basic Attack damage
  • Capable of clearing any Mercenary and Boss Camp all by himself when going for  Second Wind at Level 7 and  Twin Blades of Fury at Level 10
  • Banner talents at 13 provide excellent utility

  • Relatively weak waveclear
  • No Stuns unless  Warbringer is chosen at Level 4
  • Fairly high learning curve
  • Limited escape mechanisms

Role in the Current Meta

Varian's diversity in terms of classes can be considered both a blessing and a curse. While it is quite useful to draft a flexible Hero whose role is hard to assume for the opponents, it can sometimes be hard to determine which playstyle adds the most value to your team's composition. As a rule of thumb, it is crucial to communicate with your teammates before picking Varian. While we recommend going for  Taunt if no other Warrior is available or if nobody else in your team wants to accept that role, we suggest picking  Colossus Smash if your team lineup features other burst-heavy Assassins, such as Li-Ming or Jaina who will greatly benefit from its Vulnerable debuff. Last but not least,  Twin Blades of Fury poses a solid alternative if your team requires a nimble frontliner capable of dealing sustained damage throughout longer team fights.
Mastering Varian will require more practice and experience than on many other Heroes due to the vast amount of different playstyles and talent builds. However, a well played Varian has the potential to single-handedly carry his team. To do so requires strong map awareness and swift reflexes while in combat. Thus, we strongly recommend practicing Varian in Unranked and Quick Match first before using him in Hero League.

Romkaq.Ru/Forum- Гайды Вов Легион, билды ХОТС, Dota 2, Ucoz » Heroes Of The Storm » Гайды Heroes Of The Storm » Varian Build Guide HOTS
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